-Virtual Shows-



All booking enquiries email : CJE.Virtual@gmail.com

The global workplace is facing a new norm with an increasing number of businesses AND their customers working and connecting remotely.

Our mission is to contribute towards the sustainability of this evolving work culture through virtually inspiring, motivating and entertaining teams around the world.

My Name is Dizzy and I have travelled all over the globe playing the role of the Trickster in the world’s biggest touring Magic show – The Illusionists.

It has been my privilege to take audiences through magical journeys of laughter and wonder…

And now, I present to you… ‘Magic for Business’!

Join us on our journey to transform employee bonding and team building into truly entertaining and fulfilling experiences, using the mediums of magic and comedy through an interactive online programme. 

We offer a mixture of physical comedy, audience interactive magic tricks, crazy sleight of hand mysteries and a splash of Circus WOW… all woven together in an immersive competitive game show style. 

Magic for business is the perfect virtual engagement… participants will connect, feel and share a range of emotions while we keep them on the edge of their seats. 

Our shows have a fast paced variety style approach and sessions can be tailored to your specific requirements. You can book once or sign up to join us on a regular basis!

And please feel free to send VIP invitations to any of your clients whenever you wish them to join… This is a live, interactive and inspiring experience that is perfect for everyone.

When you choose us for your virtual activities, you are guaranteed an experience that will boost your teams’ morale, have everyone buzzing and ready… TO GET BACK TO BUSINESS!


Audience members can “arrive” up to 30 minutes prior to showtime, and you will be in a waiting room with other guests. Participation is optional, So camera and microphone are requested to be turned on in order to play along with the magic.

Audience members are given a simple password and link to login to the Zoom video conferencing platform, which can download for free. https://zoom.us/

Get ready for a super fun interactive Magic experience.

Before your meeting officially starts, your team will be treated to hilarious (clean) comedy and jokes, laughter and surprises, mysteries that unfold in their own hands, and the chance to win prizes in the real world.  Your pre-meeting show will wrap up with a beautiful piece of focused and motivating magic that will leave your group inspired and ready to actively engage in the day’s agenda as you take center stage.

Pre-Show, Full Show, and Finales are available and with some advance notice, your birthday person/star employee/company name/agenda/topic can be added to the show in a customized and surprising way. 

Together, let’s make your next virtual meeting the best ever!