Are you ready for an unbelievable night of Wonder & Laughter?
Prepare yourself to witness the impossible and join the countless audiences who have been captivated by Magic & Mayhem LIVE.
Watch two magicians bend reality as easily as they wield mischievous charm with sleight of hand, mentalism, and audacious audience interactions.
Magic & Mayhem – LIVE. The perfect show for the entire family.

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WHO is Darren ‘Dizzy’ Partridge

Do you believe that it’s possible to actually die laughing? If so, Dizzy might be the most dangerous man alive. From the celebrated Apollo Theatre in London’s West End to the iconic Sydney Opera House, Darren “Dizzy” Partridge has been delighting audiences around the globe for more than a decade. An accomplished comedy magician and cirque variety performer, Dizzy is a regular headlining act on the luxury liners of both Celebrity and Norwegian cruise lines. He has also been featured as The Trickster and The Showman in the largest touring magic show in the world, The Illusionists. Dizzy’s wild combination of magic, physical comedy, and theatrical thievery, delivered with mischievous British charm, leaves his audiences both spellbound and gasping for breath. an experience you will not believe and will never forget.

WHO is Janna Roukhmanova

A second-generation circus performer, Janna hails from Moscow, Russia. Her performance debut was at the age of nine as a contortionist, while her mother performed swinging Trapeze.
Always practicing backstage and wanting to be like her mother, Janna’s dream came true when she turned 19 years old, performing her first aerial duet alongside her mother in Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Traveling Circus.
With a true heart for circus arts and performing, Janna mastered new acts including hula-hoops, various aerial acts, partnering aerial and adagio acts.
In 2011 Janna along with her husband Darren Partridge created Magic & Mayhem Live. Janna has performed on all six continents and four seas, working in casinos, cruise ships, theatres, circuses, parks and arenas sharing her love for performing arts and putting big smiles on thousands of faces.



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