About Us

With 25 years in show biz, both on stage and behind the scenes, we live and breathe for this industry.

Based in Sunny Florida, USA and established in 2013.

We specialize in supplying clients with circus specialty acts, unique variety performers & full Cirque & Magic production shows.

Our aim is to be your one stop solution to finding the perfect shows & entertainers, and creating the most magical experience possible.

We collaborate with clients to cast, audition and create the very best productions. Inspire your audience and partner with a team that can take you there. Contact us today to get started



Talent Agency

Cirque Journey Entertainment, International Casting & Creation Agency, specializes in supplying circus specialty acts, unique variety performers & full production shows for Corporate Events, Casinos, Resorts, Cruise Liners, Theme Parks, Theatres and TV.

Our clients are our topmost priority.

Whether you’re needing artists for a corporate event, product launch, casino, theatre, Holiday Park or cruise ship, we’ve got you covered.

We will collaborate with you to cast, audition and create the very best for your next audience.

What to expect:

*Discussing the details of your event and answehttps://youtu.be/KkUKD3eG-X0ring questions to determine your entertainment needs.

*We will provide a broad list of Artists in the genre that you feel best fits your event, whether it be Solo, Duo or Group Artists. – Aerial or ground acts. – Small scale easy set up or Large-scale thrill acts.

*We will then check and confirm availability for the Artists that you are interested in.

*We put together an offer in a way that best represents your needs and interests for the event.

*Negotiate with the Artist’s and place the offer. Once the offer is accepted, Cirque Journey will make the appropriate contracts on your behalf and send them to you for review and signature.

*We then facilitate the contractual process and any negotiations between the event, Artist, and other agents.

*Provide you with current Artists photos, bio, and other available publicity and/or media information to help you promote your event.

*Remain available to you to answer any questions that may arise prior to the event and will retain copies of the contracts in order to answer questions from either the Artist or your organization.

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The Team

Darren Partridge
Casting – Productions – Management
Janna Roukhmanova
Associate Producer, Acting Financial Controller
Jan Thomas
Production Manager
Colin Bell
Associate Producer